Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dove soap and southern cooking..

To preface, this post is more of a personal nature.... but I just felt the need to document this morning.

It's funny how our senses work... how certain scents can take you back to a certain time or place.

Once I got up and out of bed this morning, the house was very quiet.  Since we don't have houseguests or children, this isn't necessarily unusual - but for whatever reason it just seemed, well.. extra quiet.

I opened our bedroom door and some unusually warm air hit me, followed by the smell of dove soap.  I instantly transported my mind back to thoughts of my grandmother.  I miss her so very much.

My grandparent's house was like a second home to me my entire life. Their home in Alabama is what I remember most.  We visited a few times a year, every year - like clockwork.  I loved it there. 

One of my memories of their home is it's very distinctive scent.  Warm, southern air, dove soap, and amazing southern cooking all rolled into one comforting, loving essence. 

To this day, we still use Dove soap, just like my grandmother did.... and I believe we always will.

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